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The NFL Fourth Quarter Report: The Colts Should Have Went for It

Posted By Dan Smith On December 30, 2009 @ 12:47 am In Colts News, Featured | No Comments

Topics of this Article

A. NFL Playoff Preview

B. Poking Fun at my NFL Preview

C. The Colts [1]

D. Gratuitous Self-Promotion of my 70th Article

To wit…

This is my 70th article and a lot of stuff is going on so I tried a new kind of opening..

Paragraphs, we don’t need no stinking paragraphs.


The Five Worst Teams in the NFL

1. Detroit [2]
2. Kansas City [3]
3. Cincin-cinncin-cinsin-the Bengals [4]
4. Cleveland [5] (this is my team, but these dawgs will not have their day)
5. St. Louis

This is straight from my NFL Preview. I missed on Cincinnati (I did it:). Now the other teams have shown promise but for the most part have been awful.


Teams With No Shot at the Super Bowl

6. Denver [6]
7. Tampa Bay [7]
8. San Francisco [8]
9. New York Jets [9]
10. Jacksonville [10]

I said that none of these teams could make it past their conference championship games. Now two of those teams still have playoff hopes, so I figure I can start the playoff preview right now.

The Bengals go to the Meadowlands for the final game there against the Jets. If the Jets win, they are in. The Bengals are already in and can earn the third seed with a win, coupled with a Patriots [11] loss to Houston [12].

The Bengals can knock a team out of the playoffs, and I have been picking against the Jets for the majority of the year. Look for an inspired Bengal team to run over the Jets. The Jets will be a playoff team next year, but they will miss the playoffs this season.

Denver’s 6-0 start turned out to be huge, as they have gone 2-7 since. Denver was an 8-8 team last year, and they are not better than they were last year. Kansas City has been playing better and will end the Broncos’ season with a win.


Division Winners

11. Phila-Philla-Philadelf-Philly-The Eagles [13]
12. Green Bay [14]
13. Carolina [15]
14. Arizona [16]
15. New England
16. Pittsburgh [17]
17. Indyan-Indianap-Indiapol-The Colts
18. San Diego [18]

I will take five out of eight because Philadelphia will win in Dallas [19] to take the NFC East. I missed on the Vikings [20] over the Packers. I went with the Panthers instead of the Saints [21], and that looks real bad now. I am glad to be wrong about Pittsburgh since I hate them so much.

Of course, Pittsburgh will beat Miami [22] to give themselves a chance to make the playoffs.


Wild-Card Teams

19. New York Giants [23]
20. Brett Favre, [24] er, Minnesota
21. Tennessee [25]
22. Oakland [26]

I am 0-4 here. I usually get six out of 12 for my picks and that is where I am at this season. I can’t believe I bought into the Raiders—that was way off. The Titans made a nice comeback after a dreadful 0-6 start; whereas, the Giants had a dreadful end after a 5-0 start.

The Vikings are gunning for the two seed, but their swoon will continue in a loss to the Giants.


Why These Teams Won’t Make the Playoffs

23. Dallas — Wade Phillips (wrong)
24. Chicago [27]Jay Cutler [28]  (right)
25. New Orleans — Defense (wrong)
26. Atlanta [29] — I might be wrong about them (I was right)
27. Seattle [30] — Injuries (right)
28. Miami — They won’t be as good as they were last year (right)
29. Buffalo [31] — T.O. (wrong, it wasn’t T.O.’s fault)
30. Baltimore [32] — I hate them like poison (wrong)
31. Houston — I picked them the last two years, and they let me down (right)
32. Washington [33] — A good team in the toughest division in the NFL (wrong, they weren’t a good team)

Baltimore will beat Oakland to make the playoffs. Houston will lose to the Patriots and be 8-8 like they always are.

I like how in my 70th article anything goes, hope you are liking that as well. How about that Raiders pick? Wow, that was a stinker.

In my own way, I have come to the playoff preview topic I mentioned in my odd opening. Through the muddy picks from before the season, I have assembled these playoff teams and seeds:



1. Colts

2. Chargers

3. Patriots

4. Bengals

5. Ravens

6. Steelers



1. Saints

2. Eagles

3. Vikings

4. Cardinals

5. Packers

6. Cowboys

Here were my picks for the playoffs before the season started:


Wild-Card Weekend

Green Bay over Minnesota
New York Giants over Arizona
Pittsburgh over Oakland
San Diego over Tennessee


Divisional Weekend

Philly over New York Giants
Carolina over Green Bay
New England over Pittsburgh
Indy over San Diego


Championship Sunday

Philly over Carolina
New England over Indy


Super Bowl XLIV 

Philly over New England

Cheese steaks for everyone as the chowder turns red.

This is how it will really go:


Wild-Card Weekend

Dallas over Minnesota
Green Bay over Arizona
New England over Pittsburgh
Cincinnati over Baltimore


Divisional Weekend

Philly over Green Bay
New Orleans over Dallas
New England over San Diego
Indy over Cincinnati


Championship Sunday

Philly over New Orleans
New England over Indy


Super Bowl XLIV

Philly over New England

Cheese steaks for everyone as the chowder turns red. 

The Colts and Patriots have mirrored each other for a decade now. Championship organizations, Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and excellent coaching. The only tried and tested way to beat either team is to keep their HOF QB on the sideline, and, when he is in, you have to hit him over and over again.

The Colts have been here before, and, when they let up in the past, they lost in the playoffs. The risks are great and the starters were pulled with a lead. Still, two games away from a perfect season, it is tough to leave the ball in Curtis Painter’s hands.

Jim Caldwell would be better served to play his starters into the fourth quarter next week in Buffalo. Peyton Manning [34] is protected by his line, led by Jeff Saturday. The weather will be brutal, so the running game with Joseph Addai and Donald Brown can carry the load.

Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are still getting back into shape from injuries and could use the reps. The bye week is time to rest, not during the season. The Colts will need to stay sharp, as the AFC is loaded with tough teams.

The Patriots dominated the regular season matchup and will shock the Colts on their way to the Super Bowl.

The Eagles are playing their best ball and will need a full game to get by the Saints in New Orleans.

The Eagles will finally bring the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia, just like I said before the season started.

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