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The Case for Peyton Manning as Next Indianapolis Colts Coach

Posted By Russell Puntenney On January 11, 2012 @ 9:49 am In Colts News | No Comments

Is it possible the solution to all the Colts [1]’ current problems has been hiding right under their noses this entire time?

It might not make sense at first, it’s never going to happen and there’s no way they’d actually consider it anyway, but the answer, curiously enough, just might be yes.

Why not let Peyton Manning [2] have a shot at coaching this team?

Even though he’s never coached before, Manning is in many ways just as qualified to run the Colts as any legitimate candidate who’ll lobby for the position if owner Jim Irsay (or new General Manager Ryan Grigson [3]) decide to remove current coach Jim Caldwell this offseason, and considering the utmost confidence Irsay already has in his ridiculously talented veteran quarterback, it’s not an altogether unfathomable notion, either.  

Granted, making Peyton Manning the first player-coach in NFL [4] history would be without precedent and true, the fallout if it didn’t work out would be monumental. The franchise would be a laughing stock and the NFL might not even allow the move in the first place.

Assuming they did, however, would it really be that much riskier than picking an established coach instead?

This team just went 2-14 with a traditional head coach at the helm and he flustered mainly because the most successful personnel executive in NFL history failed to adequately maintain his roster [5] in recent years.

It’s not like there are any guarantees in this sport, because if there were the Colts wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.

Peyton Manning is no ordinary football player, and if there’s a chance he’s even remotely as good at managing a team as he is at playing for one, this is one gamble that’d totally be worth taking.

Even if it did go wrong and completely blew up in Irsay’s face, after all, so what?

Look at how easily coaches are replaced in this day and age. It’s not like this would have to be a long-term commitment or anything. Sure, no one would ever forget the debacle and the embarrassment may linger for years, but it’s not like one bad coaching experience is going to bring down an entire franchise, especially one with as little to lose as the Colts.

Follow along as we plead Peyton’s case, even though he never asked us to and even though we already know our efforts are doomed to fail.

What’s the worst that could happen?

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