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Jim Caldwell: Calm Attitude May Land Indianapolis Colts’ Coach in Hot Water

Posted By Ryan Cook On February 11, 2010 @ 9:01 pm In Colts News | No Comments

Now that the water has finally simmered, and the fire is smouldering, the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIV has finally cooled down.  The Saints [1] have won, the Colts [2] have lost, and the rest of the NFL [3] is left wondering what they are going to do with the new found time left on their hands.

With the Draft still to go, and April fast approaching, Colts fans are already looking toward the future in hope of another playoff run and more importantly, another Super Bowl spot. 

The question on everybody’s mind though, do the Colts have enough gas left in the tank to get them back over that last hurdle and into the playoffs once again?  Well historically speaking, yes they do.  It seems just when we count the Colts out, Manning defies common sense and re-surges his team into a fit of high emotions and electrifying football.

Jim Caldwell on the other hand, well maybe his collective thoughts and Tony Dungy-like approach, was what cost the Colts the Super Bowl in the first place.  Okay, so realistically it was a team loss, but try telling Indianapolis fans that.

Since the Super Bowl loss, Colts fans have been depressed.  Upset with Manning, upset with the defense, and more or less angry with Jim Caldwell, things aren’t getting any easier in the land of white and blue. 

With a lousy draft spot ahead, and a long offseason of practices and training camps, the Colts, like many other teams, are left playing the head coaching game, as they try and figure out whether or not Jim Caldwell should stay or go.

When speaking with Indianapolis fans about the future of Caldwell, opinions differ.  More long time fans see the point in keeping the rookie head coach, who in all fairness did lead the Colts to the Super Bowl in only his first year.  While at the same time, more “bandwagon” style fans are questioning Caldwell’s decision making in the dire strait times of Super Bowl XLIV.

Whichever approach you take on the situation, you can’t help but sit back and laugh at the very fact that Indianapolis is considering a possible firing, while other teams such as Oakland [4] are flat out even posting a winning season. 

Jokes aside though, a decision needs to be made.  The AFC is a growing conference, and with the New York Jets [5], Houston Texans [6], Tennessee Titans [7], Pittsburgh Steelers [8], and Baltimore Ravens [9] all ready to take the top spot in 2010, the Colts can’t afford to sit back and relax. 

It’s not time for panic stations just yet, and really it’s a decision that doesn’t even need to be made.  Still though, if Colts fans voice their opinion loud and clear, don’t be surprised to see a Caldwell debate pop up on Sportscenter within the next two months.  At the moment though, just take it under consideration.


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