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Indianapolis Colts: Twitter Reactions to the Week 2 Loss

Posted By Joe Tacosik On September 15, 2013 @ 11:05 pm In Colts News | No Comments

Two weeks into the NFL [1]’s regular season and Colts [2] fans have more questions than answers. Following a Week 1 struggle vs. the Oakland Raiders [3], the Colts followed up their victory with an equally confusing Week 2 loss Sunday to the Miami Dolphins [4].

One thing is clear—this Colts offensive squad is struggling to find an identity. Touted all offseason [5] as a “run-first offense,” Indianapolis seems to be stuck in neutral between former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians‘ air-it-out offense, and new OC Pep Hamilton’s West Coast style.

The defense hasn’t helped a whole lot, either. The Colts have made two barely above average quarterbacks look phenomenal the past two weeks.

First-time starter Terrelle Pryor [6] of Oakland, threw the ball 29 times, completing 19 of those attempts for 217 yards and a touchdown. Now granted, the defense did cause two interceptions. However, the attack wasn’t just through the air. Pryor also scrambled 13 times for 112 yards. 

On Sunday, the Colts allowed second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill to complete 23 of his 34 passes, going for 319 yards and a touchdown. The Colts also allowed 101 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

So what gives? Why are the Colts, who were second in the NFL spending $140 million on 11 free agents in the offseason, still struggling in all of the areas of the game that were concerns last year?

Is it time, perhaps, we take an objective look at the coaching?

I suggested this idea on my Twitter account [7] this afternoon, echoing thoughts from StampedeBlue.com’s Brad Wells [8], of how we should step back and objectively take a look at Chuck Pagano as a head coach, minus all the sentimentality. The reaction I received was beyond negative.

Pagano, in the five games he has coached, is 2-3. Other than that, what do we really know about the man as a head coach? Many believe it’s too early to tell, and I do not disagree. All I’m asking is for the fans of Indianapolis to take off the rose-colored glasses, and to just evaluate him simply for what he is—the head coach.

NFL head coaches are the best of the best. They didn’t get to run a team because they were lucky, or because they paid for it. They are what they are because they excel at what they do. Pagano, who was hired in as a defensive coach, has all of the tools in the defensive squad to have a fairly decent unit.

So, where have the adjustments been? In Week 1, Pryor had his way with the defense. It was no question that he was going to run. And in Sunday’s game vs. the Dolphins, everybody and their brother knew the ball was going to Mike Wallace [9]. So why weren’t the adjustments made?

Maybe they were and I’m missing it, but if you ask me, it seemed we continued to play the run-of-the-mill defense and hoped our guys would adapt. 

We will truly find out what this Colts squad is made of over the next five weeks, as the horseshoe will face off against the 49ers [10], Seahawks [11], Chargers [12] and Broncos [13] four of the next five. Indianapolis should be thrilled if they escape that scenario at 3-3.

Take a step back and evaluate, Colts fans. We must be objective about the future of this team.

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