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Indianapolis Colts’ QB Should Change Name to Peyton Whining

Posted By Patrick Felicita On May 27, 2009 @ 11:51 am In Colts News, Featured | No Comments

Indianapolis Colts’ franchise quarterback Peyton Manning should follow the footsteps of Chad Johnson. Chad legally changed his surname to “Ocho Cinco” last year. Peyton should do the same this year and change his surname to “Whining.”

Peyton Whining. By doing so, his name would be perfect for his whining.

Let’s take a look at what Peyton was whining about:

“It’s not a situation that I’m just thrilled about,” Manning told the Indianapolis Star on Tuesday. “I think the communication has been pretty poor in my opinion. Somebody says one thing, then somebody else says another thing.”

He whines more:

“It’s not normal not having a full coaching staff,” Manning told the Star. “I know we hired a couple of guys to come in, but these guys are learning. They’re not offering a lot of coaching out there, I can assure you of that.”

Oh, poor Peyton.

His Indianapolis Colts are having identity crisis and what does he do? He whines. Not quite the picture of a franchise quarterback.

My idea of a franchise quarterback is one that pulls his team together. Didn’t hear the greats complain of losing their offensive coordinators or position coaches.

Forget about the past great quarterbacks. Let’s look at his rival Tom Brady. Tom Brady has endured a lot of turnovers with New England Patriots. He lost his offensive coordinator Charlie Weis to Notre Dame and just recently he his quarterback coach and offensive coordinator to Denver Broncos but Tom Brady hasn’t complained about that.

The reason behind that is because franchise quarterbacks are the face of their respective franchise. They are the leaders of their team. What they do and say—whether they like it or not—will always reflect on the team.

Peyton’s recent mumblings tell us that the Indianapolis Colts are in complete disarray and that the competence of the “replacements” are questionable.

If you read in to Peyton’s statements, it’s like he is saying the guys replacing Moore and Mudd are idiots. Maybe I read it wrong. But if I misread/misunderstood it, is there not a probability that his teammates misread/misunderstood his statements, too?

Peyton’s a great quarterback but at this time—with their team in transition—he should have just kept this internally instead of whining to the media because franchise quarterbacks lead, not whine.

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