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Indianapolis Colts Losing Prompts Weatherman to Wear Wife’s Underwear

Posted By Ryan Rudnansky On December 6, 2011 @ 3:46 pm In Colts News | No Comments

Pennsylvania weatherman Jim Kosek would actually be pretty endearing if he didn’t do things like wear his wife’s panties when the Indianapolis Colts [1] lost.

That’s right, Kosek, who is probably the most entertaining weatherman today, told his wife that if the Colts lost to the New England Patriots [2] on Sunday that he would wear her undergarments for the rest of the season.

I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, viewers who are now scarred for life, or his fellow co-workers who are in the storm’s path.

Nobody knows exactly what Kosek was thinking when he came on the air and declared the Colts would win: either he doesn’t watch a lot of football or he needed an excuse to wear panties (his lifelong dream?).

Nonetheless, you can bet he garnered some ratings for AccuWeather when the Colts predictable lost to the Patriots, 31-24, consequently falling to 0-12 on the season.

In fact, he got an overwhelming applause.

Tweeted user mrbeefhead [3]:

Or AccuWeather meteorologist adrien_veilleux [4]:

Or cmill004 [5]:

Now, Kosek did say that he was tired of the Colts, given his wife was a Colts fan, so one has to wonder if something special was in it for him if the Colts actually won. Like, say, not having the watch the deplorable Colts the rest of the season.

He didn’t specify, but we can only hope there was a grand prize awaiting him if the Colts pulled off a miracle.

It’s worth saying that Kosek seems just a wee bit off [6], a man who goes off the beaten path. Maybe this was his way of going off the beaten path.

The only problem is, for most men, this wouldn’t just be taking a different route, it would be stepping off a cliff.

Kosek started off his declaration saying, “Curtis, paint me a picture.”

Unfortunately, the picture he painted really disturbs me.

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