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How Can Anyone Complain about Being 14-1?: Wise Up To the Bigger Picture

Posted By Eddie Garrison On December 29, 2009 @ 10:38 am In Colts News, Featured | No Comments

Oh no!!! The Colts [1] didn’t go for a perfect regular-season record of 16-0. Boo hoo. So let’s show the league and our team just how displeased we are with a record of 14-1 and boo the players coming into the game after they pull the starters.

Stay classy, Indianapolis [1], stay classy.

Are you kidding me? You are actually booing a team that is 14-1. A team that once again proved its dominance in the AFC South by winning it for the sixth time in the past eight seasons.

You wrapped up home field advantage throughout the playoffs including the number one overall seed in the post season. Yes, that is truly something to boo your team over.

And before I get responses on “well it would have been great to go 16-0 to one up the Patriots” etc. In the grand scheme of the NFL [2], 16-0 hardly means anything.

I would bet almost any amount of money that any Patriots [3] player from their 2007 18-1 team would gladly trade that perfect regular season for their fourth Super Bowl ring.

Yes, they hung a banner in Gillette stadium to commemorate their perfect regular season. But there is one banner missing from that season—A Super Bowl banner.

Let’s say the Colts did go for 16-0 and achieved a perfect regular season. Then, in the first round of the playoffs they lost to [insert team here]. Great year right? Because every NFL team’s main goal for the year is to lose in the first round of playoffs right?

Yes, of course a perfect season is something that does not come along too often, but then again, neither is a Super Bowl.

The Colt’s in their minds and game plan did the correct thing in pulling the starters for reserve players. They get paid to make the decisions that are best for the team not what the fans want them to do.

Team president Bill Polian had this to say on his weekly show:

“First of all, I think we made it pretty clear that our first priority was to make sure that we got enough work to stay sharp. I’ll repeat myself. I think we made it pretty clear that our first priority was to make sure that we got enough work to stay sharp.”

Enough said. When the president and the head coaching staff makes a decision the players will do what they are told and come out of the game.

All the fans can boo and be displeased with the decision because for some reason they think going perfect in the regular season assures them of going to Miami [4] when it doesn’t.

The Colts have one thing and one thing only on their minds, and that is to get back to Miami for another shot a world championship. Colts fans should know this by now.

A lot of people draw comparisons with the Atlanta Braves and the Colts in that they have won so many division titles, yet only one championship. A fair comparison really when you think about it.

No other team in NFL history has won more regular season games in the past 10 years with the Colts, 115, but all those wins almost mean nothing to their lone Super Bowl win in 2006.

What means more to you as fans or to the players? A perfect regular season and losing in the playoffs or pulling your starters in the last few meaningless games of the regular season and another Super Bowl win?

I believe the answer is pretty clear there don’t you?

Yes, the regular season wins are impressive. Yes, it takes regular season wins to make the post season, but it does not , I repeat does not take a perfect season to guarantee you a Super Bowl appearance or win.

And it still amazes me that I see Colts fans upset with their team for pulling the starters, yet they are 14-1, and pretty much have it setup the way they planned it from training camp.

Learn from other teams that have made it and learn from your past mistakes and take note. The bigger picture in Indy is the Super Bowl, nothing more.

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