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Andrew Luck: Outstanding Start Confirms How Great Colts Rookie Will Be

Posted By Chris Hummer On August 12, 2012 @ 4:12 pm In Colts News | No Comments

Andrew Luck [1] was hyped as one of the best prospects in decades heading into the draft, and his NFL [2] preseason debut showed why.

Actually, all he needed was his first pass to do the trick.

On his first-ever drop back in a Colts [3] uniform and facing the St. Louis Rams defense, Luck delivered a 63-yard touchdown pass [4] to running back Donald Brown.

While it was hardly a deep strike that cut through the defense—it was actually a three-yard dump-off to Brown, which he turned into a huge play by zigzagging through the defense to reach the end zone—it still was quite an impressive beginning to what should be a famed career.

It even paralleled the start of another very famous Colts QB, as ESPN’s Trey Wingo [5] pointed out on Twitter:

However, Luck’s great day didn’t end there. He showed great overall poise in the pocket, going 10-of-16 for 188 yards and two touchdowns [7] against the Rams [8].

He worked through his reads well, was very accurate and seemed to be in total command of his team, just like Peyton Manning [9] was when he ran the squad.

Luck literately seemed to do no wrong in his debut on Sunday, and Colts fans can expect to see more of the same from him during his rookie year.

He’ll live up to expectations, too—Luck is just a one-of-a-kind player.

He has the arm strength, the athleticism, the smarts and the field presence to dominate in the NFL, and all of those traits were on display Sunday, Aug. 12.

Many will say, “It’s just the preseason, slow down,” but Luck is that good.

There’s a reason he was the consensus No. 1 overall pick in a draft chock full of talent. More impressively, Luck was so good that he convinced the Colts that they could afford to part with Manning.

And remember, that’s Peyton Manning, perhaps the best quarterback of all time.

Luck, isn’t quite there yet, but he’ll have a great rookie season for Indianapolis. The team doesn’t quite have the talent around him to challenge for the playoffs, but Luck will ensure that they’re nowhere close to the top of the draft again.

It was just one preseason game, but when fans look back on Luck’s career years from now, the game will really be labeled as the beginning of his legend. 

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